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A quick view of all of James Paddock's titles; available in paperback and for your eBook reader.
Those marked with headphonescan also be downloaded for your audiobook enjoyment.

Never Surrender to Death by James PaddockNever Surrender to Death
(CJ Washburn, PI Book 4)

CJ and Stella head out on their honeymoon to New Zealand, land of sailing, penguins and volcanoes. They meet Chloe whose husband and two young children were brutally murdered in their New Zealand home. CJ and Stella find themselves embroiled in the search for the murderer, winding up in his deadly grip. From Auckland down to Christchurch, they pursue both the killer and their honeymoon. [MORE]
Angel of Death by James PaddockAngel of Death
(CJ Washburn, PI Book 3)

Within just eight days of their wedding, CJ and Stella board a private jet in route to the French super yacht, Angel of Paradise in St. Petersburg, Florida. They've been tasked to determine if Jesper Monnier died at his own hand or at the hand of someone he hustled on the pool table in Atlantic City, or a jealous boyfriend, or a disgruntled employee of the huge superyacht? Or was it someone else altogether? [MORE]
Sailing into Death by James PaddockSailing into Death
(Parker DuPont, PI Book 2)

Alexandria’s father left 5 years ago. Now she and her killer are dead and he deserves to be told. He must first be found. From Arizona to Indiana to Florida, CJ Washburn follows the leads only to find himself charged with his murder. What does this all have to do with the Battle of the Bogside in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1969? And what’s the United Irish Republican Army doing in Florida? [MORE]
Deserving of Death by James PaddockDeserving of Death
(CJ Washburn, PI Book 1)

Women's bodies keep turning up around PI, CJ Washburn, until he becomes the focus of a manhunt from Idaho to Arizona. And then in a message from the killer he learns that the next victim will be one of the women in his life; his daughter, his girlfriend, his attorney, or his ex-wife. Who is the next target of this deranged killer? [MORE]
Secrets in Death by James PaddockSecrets in Death
(Parker DuPont, PI Book 2)

To find the truth of her husband’s death, Sky Deakins must reveal a 23-year-old secret, one she’s not wanting to take to her grave. What does senatorial candidate have to do with it? What is Gracie’s secret? Can Parker and his dad actually become friends? Who is it that has secrets in death? [MORE]
Remembering Death by James PaddockRemembering Death
(Parker DuPont, PI Book 2)

Lester Winters has Alzheimer’s so he participates in an experimental procedure, a pacemaker for his brain to restore his memory. He first recalls a dead woman, Caroline, and where she is buried. He also remembers the face of the killer and is scared into silence that the killer remembers him. [MORE]
Driven by Death by James PaddockDriven by Death
(Parker DuPont, PI Book 1)

Charlie Porter was struck by a golf ball and killed on the sixth fairway of a Riverview, Florida golf course. Accidental death by golf ball, it is ruled, or is it? Parker DuPont must find the answers. Was it accidental? If not, who was the killer? What is Charlie's widow hiding? A thirty-year-old secret? [MORE]
Time Will Tell by James PaddockTime Will Tell
(Time Travel Book 2)

In this Before Anne After sequel, MIT graduate and teenage Iraq war widow, Annie, is a product of her mother's time-travel nearly 20 years before, herself being born in 1943. When her grandfather regenerates the wormhole, Annie must either discourage his crazy experiments or use the opportunity to apologize then say goodbye to her husband; or could she save him and thus change history? [MORE]
Before Anne After by James PaddockBefore Anne After
(Time Travel Book 1)

Before Anne After starts you asking questions. “What would happen if we could travel back in time? Would we be able to change history? Should we? Imagine talking with Robert Oppenheimer or chatting with Ernest Hemingway. Imagine being a modern, highly intelligent, MIT educated woman in a 1943 society, with a newborn at your breast and no memory of how you got there. [MORE]
Time Travel Duo by James PaddockTime Travel Duo
Before Anne After - 1987
Anne stumbles into a time-travel experiment, awakening in 1943 with no memory of the event, and in labor. Can she get her and her baby, Annie, home?
Time Will Tell - 2006
It is Annie's final, regrettable words before her husband is killed that continue to haunt her. They must be fixed, unsaid, if she is ever to have a life with someone else. If only she had a wormhole, like her mother. [MORE]
The Last Sabre by James PaddockThe Last Sabre
(Sabre Toothed Cat Book 3)

Her mother is dead and her sister and aunt blame her. Hacking into her inheritance, Reba escapes to Montana; for school, she convinces herself. It's certainly not to be near her mother or the sabre-toothed cats. But the cats find her and draws her back into the mountains where her mother died. As the body count rises–human and feline–Reba must call upon all her inner power to bring it to a final end. [MORE]
Sabre City by James PaddockSabre City
(Sabre Toothed Cat Book 2)

Book 2 in the Sabre-Toothed Cat Trilogy. Still haunted by nightmares of sabre-toothed cats, cold and death, Zach discovers that his daughter, Reba, has decided to explore, without permission, the Montana wilderness where, 8 years before, he lost an eye and her mother broke her back. What Reba finds is that her father is a lot more than she ever imagined, and that she has inherited it all. [MORE]
Smilodon by James PaddockSmilodon
(Sabre Toothed Cat Book 1)

Book 1 in the Sabre-Toothed Cat Trilogy. Welcome to a World Where Cats Call the Shots. Imagine recreating the saber-toothed cat for fun? The possibility sounds exciting, but the reality could be nightmarish. In Smilodon, the main character is drawn into in a world where man becomes the hunted. It is fast-paced fiction where cats change the rules and people run for their lives. [MORE]
The Sabre-Toothed Cat Trilogy by James PaddockSabre-Toothed Cat Trilogy
Imagine recreating the saber-toothed cat for fun? The possibility sounds exciting, but the reality could be nightmarish. In this trilogy of full-length novels you will be drawn into in a world where man becomes the hunted, where cats change the rules and people run for their lives, and there is someone who has power over these big cats. [MORE]
Lost & Forgotten by James PaddockLost & Forgotten
What do you do to find your twin after 22 years? Separated as children, Melissa searches for Marissa. An unfortunate accident erases Marissa's memory and changes her facial features. Wisps of psychic twin connections excite Melissa and confuse Marissa. Only one person knows the truth and he is intent on extortion, and maybe more. [MORE]
Angels in the Mist by James PaddockAngels in the Mist
When her best friend turns up dead, Natasha and Trevor find themselves suspects in her murder, running from terrorists and the police. Will they stop the terrorists from accomplishing their mission of detonating a nuclear weapon? Will Natasha convince the police she didn't help kill her best friend? Will she ever find romance again? [MORE]
Hot Roast Beef with Mustard by James PaddockHot Roast Beef with Mustard
It isn't the hot roast beef with mustard, chocolate shake and hot apple pie at Charlie’s that changes Naomi Wilcox’s life. It is the near-miss with an eighteen wheeler on a hot Nevada blacktop, and the slow-talking Cowboy with whom she helps feed the herd, the Cowboy who let's her know it is time for her life to change. "It is time, Naomi." [MORE]
No Swimming by James PaddockNo Swimming - An Anthology
A collection of short shorts and long shorts, humorous, sad, thought provoking and by all means, interesting. INCLUDES a bonus novella: Hot Roast Beef with Mustard. [MORE]