Before Anne After – The First in the Time-Travel Series

Before Anne After – July 17, 1987/1943

Before Anne After

Through a series of small errors and oversights – a missed phone message, an unlocked high-security door, a lax in protocol, a falling purse – eight-month pregnant Annabelle (Anne) Waring unknowingly stumbles into her husband’s time-travel experiment. Readers of Before Anne After will find Anne awakening in a 1943 Charleston Navy Shipyard barracks with no memory of how she got there. Her existence and her sanity become questionable. The sailors in the barracks, the nurses at Roper Hospital, and the sight of 1943 Charleston, South Carolina leads her to believe she has gone crazy, that what she remembers is a society she is making up in her head. Is she a physic, a fore-teller of the future, or just plain loony? And where is her husband? If not for her newborn baby and a Charleston police officer, she would certainly have checked herself into the funny farm. Her doctor, alias German spy, learns before she does that she is not only a time-traveler, but a highly educated woman in the field of nuclear science and World War II history.

The days, weeks and then months drag on as Anne attempts to deal with the craziness in her head. Then, thanks to a common thief, the truth presents itself and Anne comes to the conclusion that she has jumped back 44 years for a purpose. Does it have to do with Adolf Hitler, or the Philadelphia Experiment, or a possible meeting with Robert Oppenheimer, the Scientific Director of the Manhattan Project? Whatever it is she is certain there is a reason and she will not be able to return home until it is accomplished.

Before Anne After is not a traditional…

…science fiction, nor is it a traditional war story or fantasy. In a way it is a love story that takes the reader on a science fiction journey down a wormhole, keeping them on the edge of their seats with twists and turns that will leave them breathless from chapter to chapter. Will Anne Waring ever get her and her infant daughter, Elizabeth Anne, home to her husband, or will she remain trapped in history with the shy and protective Charleston police officer who has fallen in love with her?

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Comments from readers about Before Anne after:

A Sci-Fi so elegantly & skillfully fashioned you may forget it’s about time-travel. C.L. Withers

If you like intrigue, suspense, and a lot of twists this is the book for you!! I started reading it and could not put it down after the first chapter. I am a big sci-fi fan and I read the 500+ pages in a little over four days!! YOU NEED THIS BOOK!! It will make you mad, sad, happy and hanging on the edge of your seat!! Mel C. “cubbyandmel”

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