The Last Dance
A Love Story of a Lifetime

The Last Dance by Wyatt McIntyreThe Last Dance is a love story of a lifetime that will leave readers analyzing their own relationships, wondering if they have or will ever have what James and Alejandra found in a chance meet in a quiet little diner. From the days before the attack on Pearl Harbor when they first fall in love, to after the war’s end exactly four years later and on until nearly the next decade, we wonder how they will ever find each other again, and what will happen when they do. Page after page Wyatt McIntyre draws us in, teasing us with little, romantic tidbits.

….”I’ve spent my entire life moving in a slow waltz with you, Alejandra…”

….If this was their last moment together he wanted to spend it holding her in his arms.

….Alejandra quivered at his touch. Is this how it feels when dreams come true?

McIntyre knows how to tell a love story.

Although we know from the beginning that it will all turn out, McIntyre hooked me because I had to know how James and Alejandra met, and what it was that drove them away from each other and then what it took to bring them back together.

I very much enjoyed The Last Dance and look forward to seeing more from this new author.

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