Say You’ll Haunt Me… Is everyone a little bit crazy or insane?

Say You'll Haunt Me by Penny ChildsPenny Childs’ novel Say You’ll Haunt Me opens with a bone chilling, death defying rescue by vacationing FBI agent Jason Mackenzie in an icy Michigan river. Samantha O’Connell was assumed to be committing suicide, but a gut feeling, or was it a voice in Jason’s head, tells him that the assumptions may not be true, that there is a whole lot more waiting to be discovered just below the surface. Ms Childs had me from the first paragraph when Samantha awoke perched in bare feet on the icy bridge railing. As she plunged into the water I plunged into the story, anxious to find out what was really happening in the woman’s mind, in her life, and what part Jason was going to play as he and the local sheriff try to peel away the layers of secrecy guarding the O’Connell family. Is everyone a little bit crazy or just flat out insane?

Say You’ll Haunt Me gripped me from beginning to end; a fine job for this new indie author.

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