The Man With the Blue Hat left me with visions of King and Koontz

The Man with the Blue Hat by Wendy Potocki

I have to say after encountering Potocki’s scene with the shrunken head I had the need to run to the refrigerator to find something to kill the taste in my mouth. Wow! The Man with the Blue Hat was a full, wrap around sensory overload; taste, smell, feel, the whole gambit. She had a way to weave into my head a very ugly, nasty character, bringing back memories of early Stephen King and Dean Koontz. And then, throughout the entire story, from one horrific scene to another, I was never able to put a finger on who the bad or good guys were, and even now after putting the book down following the closing paragraph, I’m still not entirely sure. However, there was no doubt for whom I was cheering. Good or bad, I know who had to come out on top. Thanks, Wendy Potocki, for The Man with the Blue Hat, a great read.

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