Is there power in the Afterlife?

Genome by Gary HensonI have to say that Gary Henson tells one hell of a story. On the surface ‘”Genome” was a plain and simple fun read with plenty of ghost action thrown in. I suspected early on who the killer was, however, I changed my mind several times as the plot progressed. Gary just kept me guessing, which is the way I like it. Deep down, however, ran the thread through which all of us, at some time in our lives no matter what our beliefs or lack thereof, stop to ponder. Sometimes it awakens us in the middle of the night or simply skims by during a related scene in a book or movie. Is there an afterlife, and if so, how does it work? Where do our souls go? Do souls, or are they really ghosts, linger for a time, finishing up business before moving on, setting wrongs to right, or passing on a final message or two?

A unique premise in Genome, no doubt about it

Gary’s premise in “Genome” that those who can communicate with the spirits are blessed with a special structure to their DNA, was unique, and then to suggest that a non-psychic individual’s DNA could be altered to give them the power, really enriched the plot. Thanks, Gary, for bringing “Genome” to us. I very much enjoyed it.

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