An Alzheimer’s Patient is Remembering Death?

I’ve heard the following question often in the last twenty years as a novelist: “Where do you get your ideas for your stories?” I think every storyteller comes up with the same answer, although maybe in many different ways; from the world around us. I found Remembering Death in my community. Life around us is our …

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Writer’s Block – When Your Imaginary Friends
Won’t Talk To You

Do I get writer’s block? You’ve probably seen some form of this title floating around Facebook and Twitter—author, anonymous. I sometimes wonder—to myself more than to anyone else because writers generally only have themselves to talk to—do I get writer’s block? My answer is no, by the definition above that is, at least not when …

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Won’t Talk To You’ »

Cool Characters Can Be Found In My Birth City

While southbound for home at the end of our vacation this last August, we passed through Butte, Montana, the city in which I was born and from where have come some strange and cool characters. Has anyone heard of Evel Knievel or Martha Raye? As I stood at the historic marker and snapped the photographs …

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10 Online Resources for Writers

Is it a dark and stormy night or what? There are a number of links to online resources for writers that I keep on my desktop while I’m writing. They include several different kinds of dictionaries, of course, as well as Sun & Moon data, the Almanac, a name generator, and more. I’d love to …

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Who Remembers The Montauk Monster?

The Montauk Monster – Photo: Courtesy of Alanna Nevitski One question I am sure to get anytime I do a reading or happen into a conversation with a non-writer about writing is, “Where are your sources of story ideas?” I ask you this: “What was that Montauk Monster that washed up on the Long Island …

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Characters and Timelines

What methods do you employ in your novels to keep to keep your characters and timelines, as well as scenes and events, straight? How do you make sure when you give a character green eyes in chapter 3 that you didn’t give her blue eyes in chapter 30, or that you don’t have your villain …

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