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Deserving of Death by James PaddockDriven by Death
(Parker DuPont, PI Book 1)

Detective Parker DuPont turned in his letter of resignation (he forgot to tell his wife) and is just weeks away from officially hanging his P.I. shingle, when he catches his first case. At first he thinks it’s a joke being played upon him by a colleague jokester. It is certainly not a joke. Charlie Porter was struck by a golf ball and killed on the sixth fairway of a Riverview, Florida golf course.

Accidental death by golf ball, it is ruled.

But there are no witnesses, nor does anyone come forward to fess up as to being the individual who hit the ball. Charlie’s wife at first believes it was not an accident, but a payback for crimes committed decades before. She soon recants, claiming simple ravings of a distraught widow. Charlie’s employer, however, chooses to go forward with the investigation, directing Parker to find the answers. Was it accidental? If not, who was the killer? What is Mrs. Porter really hiding? And who the heck is Parker’s partner, ex-secret service agent, Stormy Stine? A grandmother looking for work? Read Sample Chapter

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Driven by Death

Paperback or Hardcover
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