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Time-Travel Duo

Before Anne After
Eight-month pregnant Anne Waring unknowingly stumbles into her husband’s time-travel experiment. She awakens in 1943 Charleston, South Carolina
with no memory of the event, in labor with her daughter, Annie. When she finally discovers her
own secret, Anne must strive to get both her
and her infant daughter home.

Time Will Tell
Already a Iraq War widow, Annie Caschetta must escape the oppressiveness around her and all the memories of her husband. It is her final, regrettable words during her last few moments with him that follow her and continue to haunt her. It is those words which she knows must be fixed, must be unsaid, if she is ever to have a real life again.
If only she had a wormhole.

See more description of Anne and Annie,
mother and daughter.

The Duo


Both Books of the
Time-Travel Duo
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The Sabre-Toothed Cat Trilogy

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