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Lost & Forgotten by James PaddockLost & Forgotten
Imagine waking one day with a new face and no memory, an opportunity to pick a new name and start a new life; a clean slate. Orphaned as children, separated for 22 years, Melissa is intent on finding her identical twin, Marissa; however Marissa is now Mariah and not who she used to be. Melissa’s search brings her to Los Angeles, crossing paths with Tyron, the only person aware of the truth, a person with immoral intent. As Melissa searches for her twin and Mariah searches for who she was, they are both faced with first time romances. Their brief crossing of paths and wisps of twin psychic connections provides one hope, and the other confusion. Tyron hatches a plan to bring them together, for a price that includes more than just their money. Lost & Forgotten is story of wealth and poverty for far from pretty identical twin sisters as one meets evil in her search for her other half, and the other struggles to start a new life and find out who she was. Read Sample Chapter.

"Filled with believable characters, some likeable, others not, however the intertwining of them all within the plot made this book a definite page turner. Highly recommended." Julie Elizabeth Powell "jewels"

"James Paddock is a master storyteller. Lost & Forgotten is filled to the brim with color, action and mystery. Things have a way of turning on a dime so it's not possible to guess what is going to happen next." REgina

"Truly enjoyed the book. A great insight into the power of the mind. This book has all the elements of a great read." Ida

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Lost & Forgotten

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