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Smilodon by James PaddockSmilodon (Sabre-Toothed Cat Book 1)
Imagine recreating the saber-toothed cat for fun? The possibility sounds exciting, but the reality could be nightmarish. Within these pages you are drawn into in a world where man becomes the hunted. It is fast-paced fiction where cats change the rules and people run for their lives. “Tigers in the Wild” and a lucrative fee lure freelance writer, Zechariah Price, into the frozen mountains of Montana. The assignment drops him into a world of Bengal tigers, illegal aliens, prehistoric sabre-toothed cats, psychic premonitions and babies. As death by man and animal surrounds him, he quickly learns that he, too, is destined to become food for the cats. Trapped between man and beast, his assignment turns into that of survival. Welcome to a world where cats call the shots. Read Sample Chapter.

"A thoroughly enjoyable read--well paced with plenty of tension and excitement.
The writing is invisible--meaning that it gets out of the way and allows the reader to submerge themselves in the tale. I'm very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series."
Mary O.

"This was a very gripping book... it's intensity and suspense picked up speed like a freight train and did not stop until the very last page. James Paddock has a knack for wrapping the reader in a spider web of intrigue and suspense that will leave you with tingling feet and the hair on your neck standing on end. I highly recommenc this book a MUST READ!!" superman_all_the_time.

"...webs of intrigue within boxes of puzzles, and it only got better from there." Bittermac

"This is a good story, well written, by a writer who knows his stuff. I highly recommend this for lovers of SciFi, and Paranormal Fiction. And anyone else who just loves a good read." louise3anne

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